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Voice Changing Software for Online Games, Instant Messaging, Audio and Video, Voice-Overs, Multimedia Projects. Download free voice and sound packs adding hundreds of new voices and sounds to MorphVOX. Tweak each of these voices to your heart's content to produce unlimited voice modification. Its high-quality sound is perfect for creating voice-overs for your latest video or audio project.
MorphVOX is so far the best voice masking I've seen around.
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Free Easy Voice Recorder App 2014/06/05
Free Easy Voice Recorder App Morphbox is now available for mobile devices. Record, morph and, share your voice online from your Android™ phone or tablet.  More...

Background price reduction and more for the mac 2014/03/10
Background price reduction and more for the mac All backgrounds reduced to $2.95. And we added Nature and City backgrounds for MorphVOX Mac - Voice Changer.  More...

MorphVOX Pro on Steam 2014/02/14
MorphVOX Pro on Steam MorphVOX Pro for the PC is now available on Steam. You can purchase and install the best voice changer for online games directly from your Steam account.   More...

More Mac Voices - Galactic Voices 2014/02/13
More Mac Voices - Galactic Voices Announcing the Galactic Voices add-on for MorphVOX Mac. This new voice pack adds 8 out-of-this-world voices to your MorphVOX Mac voice changer.   More...



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