DJ Streamer can be configured in many ways. This guide will give you a better understanding of how to customize your application.

You can access preferences by selecting the menu item: "File: Settings..."

This page gives you access to advanced sound settings.
Listen Delay: This slider determines the delay between when you speak and when you hear your voice. The default is the first position.
Echo Cancellation: Check this to remove/reduce any echo when you have DJ Streamer set on listen mode (so you can hear yourself talk). The default is to have this unchecked.

This page allows you to manually set the microphone and speakers used by DJ Streamer.
Microphone: This drop-down will list all the valid microphone input drivers on your machine. Choose the device that is attached to the microphone you will use for input into DJ Streamer.
Playback: This is a list of devices used to play audio. Choose the one you would like DJ Streamer to use for listening to your input. Usually this should be left as "Primary Sound Driver".
Playback Volume: Allows you to access the Windows playback volume control.
Microphone Volume: Allows you to access the Windows recording/microphone volume control.

This page allows you assign keys to various commands used by DJ Streamer.
Check this when you want to only use your microphone when pressing a specific set of keys, thus controlling when your voice is heard. Set the activation key (or combination of keys) by using the "Set" button.

Click here explain the Toggle Key Dialog.

Check this when you want to mute your microphone. Set the activation key (or combination of keys) by using the "Set" button.
The Voice Toggle Key dialog shown above sets the key(s) used to activate the command. To set your toggle key, press the keys you would like to hold down when activating. Click OK with the mouse when the keys for toggling have been set.
NOTE: If you do not hold down the SHIFT modifier, any letters you press will be "lower-case" even though it is displayed as "upper-case" in the box. It is important to type the exact key combination you want to assign to the command.
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