Voice Again is a software tool designed to assist in analysis, transcription and documentation of voice recordings. The software can slow down or speed up a recording making it easier to transcribe interviews or dictations. It also allows for text annotation of the recording for convenient navigation to different parts of the recording.

Users can import a variety of audio files into a project. In addition, audio can be imported directly from CD Audio. The advance noise reduction algorithm allows a user to clean-up distracting background noise in the audio.

The Track View allows users to zoom-in the audio to provide better graphical details of the recording. The navigation controls allow users to quickly scroll and select a specific location in the audio. Playback controls allows users to listen to any portion of the recording.

Voice Again provides advanced speed control tools which let a user slow down a recording up to 10 times without changing pitch. The speed modification algorithms are optimized for voice, providing a high degree of clarity. Slowing down audio makes it easier to listen to a fast-paced section of a recording that would be difficult to transcribe at normal speed.

Annotation tools allow users to mark sections of a recording with text. This allows the user to put special notes in the timeline which make it easier for navigation. The annotations can also serve as a way of documenting a recording.

In addition to playing back a recording, a user can render to a number audio formats. Currently Voice Again can produce Microsoft Wave (WAV), Ogg Vorbis (OGG) and Windows Media Format (WMA and WMV) content.
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