First Online Voice-Changing Clinic Opens

Screaming Bee LLC announces the opening of the world's first voice-changing clinic for online gamers. The clinic is designed to help customers, who use MorphVOX voice-changing software, to optimize the sound of their online voices.

The voice clinic allows gamers to get in touch with a voice technician. Using online audio chat, the technician can personally optimize the sound quality of a customer's voice-changing program. In addition, customers can work with the technician to create a custom voice to match their online character.

This service also gives current users of MorphVOX real-time customer support and a way of providing immediate feedback to the Screaming Bee support staff. Because the clinic uses live audio chat, customers gets personal attention and have their technical issues answered and solved rapidly

Customers can get advice on a variety of topics including: what is the optimal microphone and headset to use for gaming, how to effectively use their voice in online role-play, and what type of games and chat clients can best use voice-changing technology. Users can also get information on the latest features of MorphVOX.

How much does the Screaming Bee Voice Clinic cost? At present, the clinic is free. After setting up an appointment, customers will get a 10-minute, one-on-one session with a voice technician. For more information about the Screaming Bee Voice Clinic, visit Here.

First Online Voice-Changing Clinic Opens

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