How to resolve a "Trial Run Request Failed" problem.

If when you first run the application you are receiving a dialog pop-up titled “Trial Run Request Failed" the following should help your resolve this issue.

General Solutions:

If you currently can connect to the Internet with other applications (Browser, e-mail, etc.) the most common problems connecting to Screaming Bee are shown below.

1. Internet Connection

Check for a stable and reliable connection. Bad connections can cause time-out and improper downloading of the certificate.

The following tools can help determine this:

If stability and reliability is suspect contact your ISP.

2. Firewalls, Security Programs and Anti-Virus Software

If you are using a firewall or anti-virus software you will need to set them to recognize and trust the application. Connection problems caused by firewalls are most likely when you first run and after you update to a new version.

The easiest way to fix this is to go to the firewall permissions and remove all references to application and let the firewall prompt/relearn.

Also be sure you are only running one firewall at a time. Two or more firewalls will conflict with each other and can cause connection problems.

If your software firewall has the application added to its exception list, the other possibility is that your router has a firewall blocking the application.  This has been seen with some D-Link routers.

Additional help on setting specific firewalls can be found at the following webpage:

3. Install latest security and OS updates

If you see an error such as: Byte array is too large...

This is because your current OS does not have the latest security patches. Check windows update and be sure to include the 128 bit key update.

4. P2P, FTP and Web Server Applications

Programs such as Kazaa, LimeWire, BitTorrent, or Exeem can use large amounts of bandwidth and can cause time-outs and connection problems. These should be paused or turned off when the application starts if they are suspected.

5. Viruses, netlimiting and anonymous IP masking programs

These type of programs can block our applications from accessing the internet or interfering with the retrieval of the license file. A number of free applications below can help you detect and remove them:

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