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Multimedia Resources
Audio Demonstration: Introduction to MorphVOX
  Audio Demo (Windows Media Audio)
  Audio Demo (MP3)

Video Tutorials
  Setting up MorphVOX Pro for the First Time
  Pitch and Timbre
  Voice Effects
  Microphone Quality
  Optimized Settings for MorphVOX
  Adding Voice Changing to Online Games, VoIP, and Multimedia
  Adding a story to ScriptVOX Studio

User Examples: Voice Changing with MorphVOX
  Vader Parody - By Reverend Malice (MP3)
  MorphVOX Pro Voices (YouTube) - By DJ Storm X
  AGM 2007 - Brickfilms Entry (YouTube) - By FunnyBoysFilms
  A Night at the Theater (YouTube) - By drfewstwos
  SNUFF The Play (YouTube) - By drfewstwos
  UNCLAIMED (YouTube) - By drfewstwos
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