Creatures of Darkness Beta and Contest! 22/05/2006
Creatures of Darkness will include a number of sinister Fantasy creatures. You will be able to change your voice to: Lich Lord, Cave Troll, Golem, Wraith, Shade, Goblin, and Half-Orc.

This voice pack is currently under development to be released soon. The voices in this package will use the latest engine in MorphVOX as well as more advance filters to create some startling voice changes for users.

Now you can role-play evil monsters with voices to match.

We are currently in need of artwork for each of the creatures. You have a chance of getting a free copy of MorphVOX for each of the seven monster images that you supply.

For more information about Creatures of Darkness click and how to win a free copy of MorphVOX click Here.