Creatures of Darkness - Beta

We're working on the lastest voice pack, "Creatures of Darkness".  

This MorphVOX add-on will let you change your voice into sinister creatures of the dark.


You can choose to sound like the following:

Cave Troll Listen to the Cave Troll
Goblin Listen to the Goblin
Golem Listen to the Golem
Half-Orc Listen to the Half-Orc
Lich Lord Listen to the Lich Lord
Shade Listen to the Shade

The new voice pack uses the latest engine and vocal filters from MorphVOX combined to produce some startling voice changes.

Note: Creatures of Darkness requires MorphVOX, version 2.8.1 or above.

Click Here to download the Beta.

Artwork Contest - Win a Free Copy of MorphVOX
May 23rd - June19th

We need help with artwork. Each of the seven voices needs an image associated with it. We are offering a free copy of MorphVOX for each of the seven images.

Send us your images/drawings and if your image is choosen, you will receive a free retail key to MorphVOX.

Images need to be head shots of the following creatures:

Lich Lord - undead knight in a gothic helm
Cave Troll - big ugly creature with big, crooked teeth
Golem - large creature created from inanimate materials (mechanoid, elemental)
Wraith - kind of like the Grim Reaper
Shade - Ghost-like undead creature
Goblin - Small, Impish-like, creature
Half-Orc - Half-Human and Half-Orc, very ugly and mean.

Contest Rules:

The images can be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, 360 x 360 pixels in size.

Note: any artwork that you send to us may or may not be used. We will let you know whether or not your artwork is used. Only chosen images will receive a free version of MorphVOX, and no compensation will be made for all other submissions.

All artwork that is sent to Screaming Bee becomes the property of Screaming Bee LLC. And no material will ever be sent back to you.

Send your images here:

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