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PocketFart 1.0.1
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Anytime, anywhere, all the noise without the smell

For Windows Mobile
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Requires Windows Mobile 5.0 or Higher
Farting for Windows Mobile devices never sounded so good with this software.

PocketFartTM uses advanced flatulence simulator technology to produce custom audio events, anything from a short and sweet toot to an epic monster blast.

Impress your friends and family with an amazing variety of farting sounds. Turn your Windows Mobile device into a powerful designer tool for creating unique-sounding farts. Always be ready to blow a raspberry/bronx cheer with this easy to use program.

Choose from a number of built-in farts types. With just a finger gesture, you can stylize one-of-a-kind farts. Modulate qualities such as fart duration and sphincter tightness, allowing you to produce unlimited combinations!

Use the fart alarm feature to trigger a fart after a specific delay or at a certain time. Surprise a friend with a fart attack or set an amusing reminder.

PocketFart is the best farting software for your Windows Mobile device. Give it a try today!

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nfh003 PocketFart Features:
Create custom farts with just a simple finger gesture
Full control over fart duration and sphincter tightness
Many kinds of farts included: O Tight One, Monster Butt and more
Convenient fart playback styles for added flair
Fart alarm for launching sneaky fart attacks or amusing reminders
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nfh003 Screen Shots
PocketFart has an easy-to-use graphic interface.
Fart Alarm

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