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Voice Twister 1.0.4
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Voice TwisterTM
For Windows Mobile
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Requires Windows Mobile 5.0 or Higher
Voice TwisterTM is the first professional application that gives you the power to morph your voice on a Windows Mobile device.

The easy to use voice selection will have your friends and family laughing as your voice is converted to a Space Squirrel, or your kids are talking like a Giant at story time. Choose from the many preset voices, or you can use Tweak and Speak to change the pitch and add an effect, creating a unique voice of your own.

In addition to live voice changing, Voice Twister can play an existing audio file in the morphed voice, and save it to a new file. You can also record and save your live voice for play back later.

Voice Twister is fun and easy to use, give it a try today!

* NOTE: Voice Twister is not designed to use during a phone call and can not morph your voice within a phone call.

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nfh003 Voice Twister Features:
Live morphing using Push-To-Talk (like a walkie-talkie) or if you have a headset, real-time morphing as you speak.
Record your morphed voice to a wave file for later use.
Morph and play an uncompressed wave file and optionally save it to a new file.
nfh001 nfh002
nfh003 Screen Shots
There are many ways to morph your voice in Voice Twister.
Live Morphing
Play File
Audio Devices

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