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ScriptVOX Studio CD - システムクラッシュから守るためのバックアップディスクを追加する9.95 USDさらに詳しく


ScriptVOX Studio Back-up CD

ScriptVOX Studio Back-up CD
Save time and worry by getting the ScriptVOX Studio back-up CD. We've put everything you need to install and start running ScriptVOX one CD.

Note: You must purchase ScriptVOX Studio with the back-up CD. The unlock key is not included with the back-up CD.

Shipment by mail can take 7 to 10 business days within the USA and 10 to 15 business days in other countries and regions.

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Personality Voice-Mod

Personality Voice-Mod
Add Personality to Your Stories. This ScriptVOX Studio add-on includes six unique sounding voices. Any of your text-to-speech voices can sound like old Albert or squeaky Mary Jane and more.

Requires ScriptVOX Studio to run.

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