Gaming Resources
Here's a list of useful online resources for gamers

d20 Radio

The Home of The Order 66 Podcast

OC3 Entertainment

Dedicated to providing facial animation technology and powering the next generation of 3D applications and games.

The Only Online Store Devoted to Serious Gamers.

The Instance

A podcast for lovers of World of Warcraft. Tune in to The Instance for the lastest and coolest news on the World of Warcraft.

Free online rpg games

The City of IF offers free online story-based rpgs where you and others use chat, forums, and voting to cooperatively roleplay a single character. Choose from dozens of storygames or create your own.

SciFi / Fantasy Search Engine

Using Voice Chat in Games

Headsets are becoming essential game hardware - from

RPG Gateway by Effie Rover - Online Resources for RPGers

Abandon the Search for Truth... Settle for a Good Fantasy