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Importing Voice Packs, Sound Effects, and Skins
You can also customize MorphVOX by importing extra content, such as voice packs, sound effects, and skins.

You may find and download new content at these locations:
Voice Packs:   https://screamingbee.com/product/voicepacks.aspx
Sound Effects: https://screamingbee.com/product/soundeffects.aspx
Skins:     https://screamingbee.com/product/skins.aspx

To import voice packs into MorphVOX, download the voice pack installer file to your computer. Double click on the installer application. For versions of MorphVOX 1.1.1 and higher, the application will automatically refresh the list of aliases. Earlier versions of MorphVOX will require restart of the application.
To import skins or sound effects into MorphVOX, download the content file to your computer. Next, select the menu item: "File: Import...".  The Import to MorphVOX dialog will appear. You can then navigate to import the content file. Note: You can also import these files into MorphVOX by dragging and dropping them onto the application.
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