MorphVOX - Voice Changer 2.0 Released 2006-01-27
New Features in 2.0

Vocal Tract Effects
  • Monotone: Flatten your voice and show less emotion.
  • Hypertone: Sound perkier.
  • Harmonize: Bring a little harmony to your life.
  • Vibrato: Add a little bit of smoker's lung without the cancer.
  • Growl: Emphasize your bad mood.

After Effects
  • Chorus
  • Distortion
  • Echo
  • Reverb

Audio Alarms
  • Announce the time when an assigned key, mouse of joystick button is pushed.
  • Set elapsed time to play text to speech message or your own wave file.
  • Set a specific time to play a text to speech message or your own wave file.
  • Wake up refreshed because you we're reminded to go to bed without having to watch the clock during the game.

Product List

MorphVOX Add-Ons
ScriptVOX Add-Ons
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