By Shawn Pourchot 
April 27, 2006

A professional video also needs quality voice talent. It is now possible with a little help from a program called MorphVOX to change your own voice to create distinctive voice-overs.

With the universality of the Internet anyone can become a film director and publisher. With an inexpensive digital camera and a home computer you can put together a professional looking video and upload it to your personal website or one of the many free blogging sites. Video is only part of a good presentation, what is often overlooked is quality voice narration.

So if you don't have the big bucks and your voice just doesn't have the distinction of Peter Coyote or Jane Fonda what are you to do? Well luckily with a little help from a voice-changing program called MorphVOX ( you can use your own voice to make it more distinctive or create a whole range of new narrators for your videos.

Here are some ways people today are creating their own content with just their voice:

  • An avid multiplayer gamer is producing his own videos from screen captures of his game play. He is creating a multiple voices to narrate how he defeated a monster or how to get into certain rooms.

  • A one-woman 3D animation shop is creating unique voices for each of the characters using just her voice.

  • A young nature documenter could be narrating his own videos and with just a slight lowering of his voice using MorphVOX he sounds like Samuel L. Jackson.

  • A producer of CD for English as a second language is creating different voices for each speaker in a lesson.

So don't let the lack of funds or your own voice limit you from producing great videos, with a little more technology you can add quality voice-overs to your projects.

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