About Screaming Bee
Voice Overs Screaming Bee is dedicated to delivering high-quality software and solutions that enhance creativity and communication.

Screaming Bee was founded in August 2005 in Middleton, Wisconsin. Its mission is to provide high-quality software and solutions to the desktop and mobile devices for unleashing creativity and improving communication. In achieving this goal, Screaming Bee provides excellent quality support for customer questions and feedback.

As the industry leader in voice-changing technology, Screaming Bee sets the standard with MorphVOX Pro. Screaming Bee's flagship software product delivers multimedia solutions to the desktop for both online gaming and studio production.  MorphVOX Pro is used by gamers around the world for creative communication.  It is also used by professionals in areas of Education, Radio Broadcasting and Animation to produce high-quality voice modification.

ScriptVOX Studio, a desktop application provides a way for writers to bring their stories and presentations to life. This text-to-speech software opens a new window of creativity for writers who produce children’s stories, documentaries, and screenplays. Also, ScriptVOX Studio makes it easy to create tutorials in just minutes without the need for voice talent.

Ready for the future, Screaming Bee will focus on what it does the best: delivering high-quality software solutions and providing exceptional service to our customers.

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