MorphVOX has the ability to set audio alarms.  You can choose to announce a custom text to speech message after a specified elapsed time or on a specific time.  It can also play a personalized audio file at alarm time.

Alarm Settings

Time Elapsed:   Set the elapsed hours and minutes before the announcement.

Alarm Time: Set the exact time of annoucement.


Say:   Convert the text to speech and announce with the computers voice.

Play File: Assign a wave (*.wav) file to be played. Using the Browse button next to the text box sets the file to be played.

Add button:

Add a new item to the alarm listed based on the above settings.

Remove button:

Remove the currently selected item from the alarm list shown below.

Alarm List:

This is a list of all the available alarms.  Checked alarms are alarms that will be active when you close the dialog.  Alarms automatically unchecked when they have fired. You can remove and play the alarm by right clicking on the list item with your mouse. 

* Elapsed alarms that are checked, will start counting down after closing the dialog with OK.

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