The Tweak Panel allows you to adjust pitch and timbre. These controls can dramatically change the characteristics of your voice. This guide will give you a better understanding of how to use these controls.

Tweak Panel Controls
1. Alias Name: Displays the name of the currently selected voice alias.
2. Pitch Shift: Adjusts the pitch of your voice. Move the slider to the left to make your voice lower, or move the slider to the right to make your voice higher.
3. Timbre: Adjusts the harmonic quality of your voice. Move the slider to the left to make you sound like a giant, or move slider to the right to sound like a small child.
4. Update Alias Learning : After completing the voice learning exercises, this button will become available. If you make any changes to the pitch, timbre or graphic equalizer, this control will turn from gray to red, indicating that you have modifed the current voice alias.  If you want to update the alias with the values that you modified, click on this button. That will save your custom settings to the alias.
5. Reset Pitch and Timbre: This will set the pitch, timbre, and timbre strength to neutral settings.
6. Timbre Strength: Adjust the level at which the timbre is applied to the sound. Move the slider up to increase the strength, and move the slider down to decrease the strength.

Video on Pitch and Timbre

Here are a few examples of how the pitch and timbre can change a voice. Try some of these settings to see how your voice changes. (Note: you'll probably sound different than these examples and may need to experiment with different values.)
Pitch 0.0, Timbre 0, Strength 0% Normal Voice
Pitch -0.5, Timbre 0, Strength 100% Low Voice
Pitch -0.5, Timbre -0.30, Strength 100% Low Voice, Giant
Pitch +0.8, Timbre 0, Strength 100% High Voice
Pitch +0.8, Timbre 0.40, Strength 100% High Voice, Child
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