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You can set the default microphone driver to "Screaming Bee Audio" by selecting from the MorphVOX Tools menu "Default System Microphone" and setting the default microphone to "Screaming Bee Audio" then click OK on the dialog.  If this is not set some games such as Counter Strike and the Vista/W7/W8 Sound Recorder will not pick up the morphed voice.

The following describes how to manually set the default audio device to the Screaming Bee Driver from your Windows Vista/W7/W8 control panel.  To set it to your sound card driver and disable morphing just change back to your sound cards driver and not "Screaming Bee Audio".

Step 1 - Open the control panel from the windows start menu
Click on Hardware and Sound.

Step 2 - Select Manage audio devices
Step 3 - Change default Sound recording device
 Click on the Recording tab and change the Sound recording Default device to Screaming Bee Audio.
Click OK on the dialog and now games and chat programs should pick up your morphed voice by default.
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