Voice Compare

The voice compare panel assists comparing your voice to another voice.

Target voice area

This area sets the target voice which for which to compare your voice. You can choose either from the built-in voices or you can pick your own target voice by clicking on the 'Load' button.

The preset voices include the suggested phrase to say when you record your voice.

Playback area

This area gives the option to play back the audio tracks of the target voice or your recorded voice.

Record your voice area

This area records your voice from the microphone. It displays the recorded voice in the playback area, and compares your voice to the target voice. The comparison process automatically calibrates the settings and morphs your voice to approximate the target voice.

The pitch and timbre sliders allow you to manually tweak the pitch and timbre voice morphing settings.

The 'New Voice' button creates a new voice using the new voice morphing settings.

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