The voices panel is used to select, download and organize voices in MorphVOX

  1. Organize button: Use this to arrange and create new folders to store your pack items in.
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  2. Voice Profile Selector: lets you choose from a list of voice learning profiles. This is very useful if more than one person is using MorphVOX.
  3. Search: Typing in here will create a list of all the matching items.
  4. The scrollable display of all your voices.
    To select a voice click on the image.
    To hear the voice in your speakers without selecting click on the green volume symbol in the voices corner.
    Voices are organized into folders that can be collapsed with the little down arrow on the right of the folder name.
    You can get additional information about the sound effect by right clicking on it.
  5. Record Voice button: Push this button to open a dialog to speak and record your currently selected voice to a file.
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  6. Morph File button: Push this button to open a dialog to morph a file to a new file using the selected voice.
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  7. Create button: Push this button to create a new custom voice based on the currently selected settings.
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