Working with Templates
Templates are useful for quickly setting up a new workspace with VST effects.  You can choose from the built-in templates or design your own.

Workspace Template Picker
Located on the right side of the main toolbar, the Workspace Template Picker contains a list of templates available to the workspace. This includes the built-in templates that came with the Effects Rack as well as any new templates that you may have designed

Creating a New Template
To create a new template:

1.  Add VST Effects from the Available Effects List to the Workspace.
2.  Arrange the VST Effects Widgets and tweak each effect as necessary.
3.  Click on the "Tools>New Template..." menu item.
4.  Fill in the Title and Description fields of the Create New Template dialog and click OK.

Template Manager
This control lets you view the built-in or custom templates available to the workspace. You can also edit the title and desciption of a custom template or remove any custom templates.
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