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Screaming Bee does not restrict the use of the voices or the modification that ScriptVOX Studio does to the voices when used in your own works.  However, your license agreement with the Text-To-Speech voice vendor you are using may have restrictions on it.

Most Text-To-Speech licenses allow you to use them for your own personal compositions only.

If you need to publicly distribute the works, you may be restricted by the license agreement for the Text-To-Speech voices. Please consult the agreement that you have with the text-to-speech vendor for distributing the audio content.

Any copyrighted graphics or sound cannot be distributed with out consent from the owner of the copyright. Neither the preview voices, program graphics nor sound effects may be resold or redistributed as sound effects, clips, visuals and/or graphic images except as otherwise integrated into your own works.

All rights not expressly granted to Licensee are reserved to Screaming Bee Inc. or its licensors.

If you are getting error messages from ScriptVOX like "unable to find valid text-to-speech voices" or "Cannot set voice. No matching voice is installed or the voice was disabled", this indicates that your computer's Speech component (SAPI) may be damaged or corrupted. You will need to repair this before ScriptVOX can run properly.
To repair SAPI, please do the following:

1.  Insert your Windows Installation CD into your CD/DVD Drive.
2.  Navigate to find the following file: c:\windows\inf\sapi5.inf
3.  Right-click on that file and select "Install"
4.  Allow SAPI to be installed from the Windows Installation CD.
5.  Restart your computer.


This happens when you have the Temp folder encrypted by using the Encrypted File System.

Please turn off encryption for the temporary folder (typically C:\Documents and Settings\your logon name\Local Settings\Temp).

  1. Right-click the Temp folder (typically C:\Documents and Settings\your logon name\Local Settings\Temp), and then click Properties.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Unselect the Encrypt contents to secure data check box. Click OK.
  4. Install Application.

For additional information click here to see Microsofts FAQ.

I can not install.

If you are getting an error that it can not uninstall the previous version you will have to remove the previous installation manually.  A symptom of this problem is if you get: (System.IO.FileNotFoundException MorphDriverUninstall.dll).

Please click here to download and then run a utility from Microsoft to correct this problem. Select ScriptVOX to uninstall.

You should then be able to install the new version you downloaded.

I can not uninstall ScriptVOX
Not being able to uninstall is often the result of a machine infected by a virus. So we first recommend running a virus scan.

  1. If you manually deleted files before running the uninstaller you'll have to run a Microsoft tool to fix things up again:
    Microsoft Uninstall Tool

To completely remove ScriptVOX we recommed after following Step 1 that you again install and then uninstall ScriptVOX using the uninstall link on your start menu.

Voice Quality - Sounds Too Robotic
The voice quality greatly depends on which Text-To-Speech (TTS) voice you are using. For example, the standard voice on Windows will sound very robotic regardless of what modifications you apply to that voice.

Robotic quality also can be worsen by excessive pitch and timbre shifting. Trying keeping the pitch within 1/2 octave of the original voice.

To improve the TTS voice quality, you may want to purchase additional voices.

Click here to learn more about purchasing TTS voices.

What types of files can ScriptVOX Studio import?
ScriptVOX Studio can import Text (TXT), Rich Text Format (RTF), Microsoft Document(DOC), and Portable Document Format (PDF).

What text format works best with importing scripts and stories?
ScriptVOX Studio can import any text format. It can also automatically assign actors to text on import; this feature is available with properly formatted movies scripts and screenplays. You can find examples of how to format a script properly from these web pages:

How To Write A Movie

Screenplay Format

Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

If you are importing non-standard formatted text, use the "Manual" import mode.

ScriptVOX is Assigning Actors Incorrectly on Import
ScriptVOX can automatically assign actors to text on import if the text is properly formatted. Occassionally if the text is improperly formatted, the ScriptVOX may assign actors incorrectly. In those cases, you should use the "Manual" mode for import instead of "Automatic Detection". This will import the text without actively assigning actors. You can manually assign actors to the text after the import process is complete.

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