User Interface Overview
The Main View
ScriptVOX Studio has four main areas to the user interface: the Text View, Media View, Actor View and Preview Window. 
Text View
The Text View (#1) provides a textual representation of the entire story or script. In this view you can do a number of tasks such as: Assigning actors to text. You can easily associate an actor with a specific phrase by simply selecting a block of text.

This view also provides extensive text editing and formatting capabilities. You have full control over font choice, style, text alignment and margin sizes. The view also supports cut, copy and paste to clipboard as well.

Graphic images can be added from the Text View by selecting the text and then assigning an image resource to that text. This makes it a snap to line up images with a specific line of text.

Each word in the text view can be customized with regards to pronunciation. The built-in pronunciation editor provides you with a high degree of control over how a word is spoken by the text-to-speech engine.

The lower portion of the Text View contains button controls that let you play the story text through the text-to-speech engine. It also contains controls for navigating forward and backward through the script.
Media View
The Media View (#2) provides you with a graphical line-up of the images that are associated with the text. This storyboard functionality is helpful in seeing how the story or script unfolds visually.

The Media View also contains voice overs that can be recorded live or pre-recorded. This provides a way of synchronizing the audio with the text.

You can add or remove images and voice overs to the line-up or modify the size and location of these resources with regards to text alignment. Images that are placed in this view will be displayed in the proper sequence in the Preview Window as the story is played. Voice overs in this view will also be played back in the proper sequence.
Actor View
The Actor View (#3) contains a list of actors that are associated with the story. In this view you can add or remove actors. You can also assign Text-To-Speech voices to a specific actor. ScriptVOX Studio supports SAPI 5.0 capable text-to-speech voices.

In addition you can further customize each TTS voice using a highly-configurable voice-changing engine. Each TTS voice can be modified with regards to pitch, timbre, speed, volume and special effects. This allows you to create many combinations of voices from a single TTS voice.

This view also allows you to assign a specific image to an actor, making it convenient to populate the Media View graphical line-up
Preview Window
The Preview Window (#4) displays graphical output of the story. The images that are placed in the Media View line-up will be displayed in the proper sequence when the story is played. The Preview Window also provides a volume meter to monitor sound output from the spoken text. You can also adjust the global volume from the slider control.

Menu Items

New Project/Import Script...
Creates a new ScriptVOX Studio project and provides a wizard for importing a script from a file.
Open Project...
Opens a ScriptVOX Studio project and loads it into the program.
Save Project
Saves the current modified existing ScriptVOX Studio project.
Save Project As...
Saves a new ScriptVOX Studio project or allows you to save an existing ScriptVOX Studio project to a different file name.
Save Text File...
Saves the text in the script as a plain text (TXT), Microsoft Word (DOC) or Rich Text Format (RTF) file.
Create Multimedia File...
Produces a media file of the script.
Provides user specified preferences for ScriptVOX Studio.
Recent Projects
the most recently used ScriptVOX Studio project files for convenient loading.
Exits ScriptVOX Studio.
Toggle Text Edit
Turns off or on the text editing capabilities of the Text View. If this is on you can freely change any of the text in the Text View.
Allows undo or redo of an editing action in the project.
Removes selected text from the Text View. This is only available when you Toggle Text Edit on.
Copies the text that is selected in the Text View.
Inserts text into the Text View. This is only available when you Toggle Text Edit on.
Select All
Selects all the text in the Text View.
Finds specific text in the Text View.
Speak Narration Part
Speaks/plays all dialogue items including narrator parts. If this option is not checked, then only the non-narrator items will play back.
Show Subtitles
Toggles subtitle text. If this is checked then subtitle text will appear in the graphics view and video output file. If this is not checked then the subtitle text will not be displayed.
Project Information
Provides information on title, description, writers, notes and date for a ScriptVOX project.
Project Settings
Provides the ability to set the project video background color and subtitle customization.
Find Actor Lines...
Finds actor lines within the Text View sequentially.
Reassign Actor Lines...
Allows reassignment of dialogue lines from one actor to another.
Assign Actor
Assign Actors to selected text in Text View.
Mute/Unmute Text
Mark selected text as "muted" so that ScriptVOX does not speak the text during playback or rendering. Unmute will remove the mute from the selected text.
Add Graphics...
Assign graphic element to the selected text.
Add Voice Over...
Adds an audio voice over to a selected area of text.
Add Pause...
Inserts a time delay into the text.
Change Pronunciation...
Provide a custom pronunciation of the selected word.
Remove Pronunciation
Remove the assignment of a custom pronunciation.
New Actor...
Adds a new Actor item to the Actor View.
Edit Actor...
Edits the details of an Actor item.
Delete Actor
Deletes an Actor item from the Actor View.
Change Actor Image...
Changes the Actor Image.
Reset Actor Image
Removes an Actor image.
Change Voice...
Changes the Voice Mod for a given actor.
Change Effects...
Changes the special effects of a given actor.
Reset Voice Sliders
Resets the pitch, timbre, speed and volume sliders for a given actor.
Text View
Places focus on the Text View.
Actor View
Places focus on the Actor View.
Go to Beginning
Moves the navigation focus to the beginning of the script.
Navigate forward
Moves the navigation focus forward in the script.
Navigate backward
 Moves the navigation focus backward in the script.
Go to End
Moves the navigation focus to the end of the script.
Zoom in text
Zooms in the text in the Text View.
Zoom out text
Zooms out the text in the Text View.
Reset zoom
Resets the level of Zoom to neutral in the Text View.
Play All
Plays the entire script.
Play from Selected Element
Plays the script starting at the selected element.
Stop Playing
Stops the script playback.
Speak Narration Parts
Speaks/plays the all dialogue items including narrator parts. If this option is not checked, then only the non-narrator items will play back.
Activate Plug-Ins...
Manages voice add-ons. Add-ons which require purchase can be activated here.
Pronunciation Manager...
 Manages the global list of pronunciations.
Project Information...
Provides information on title, description, writers, notes and date for a ScriptVOX Studio project.
Information about ScriptVOX Studio.
Lets you purchase ScriptVOX Studio online.
Check for new nersion...
Launches a browser to the update page.
Screaming Bee Home Page...
Launches a browser to the Screaming Bee home page.
Get More Text-To-Speech Voices...
Launches Web browser to text-to-speech vendor page.
Get More Voice-Mods...
Launches a browser to the voice pack page.
ScriptVOX Studio FAQ...
Launches a browser to the FAQ page.
Customer Support...
Send a message to the Support Team for assistance.
Launches a browser to the online help page.
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