User Interface Overview
  Text-To-Speech Voice Selector
  Choose the text-to-speech voice which you would like to speek with.
Text Output Window
Shows the text which has been sent by the Text-To-VoIP plug-in. This is also timestamped for your reference.
Repeat Button
This re-broadcasts the last message that was last sent.
  Send Message Button
  This sends a message from the text entry window using the chosen text-to-speech voice.
  Text Entry Window
  The place where you can type a message to be sent.

Voice Settings
This dialog allows you to adjust the speed and volume of the text-to-speech voices.
  Current Voice
  Choose the text-to-speech voice. This choice is for purpose of previewing how the settings sound.
Speed Slider
Adjust the relative talking speed for the text-to-speech voices. This ranges from -10 to +10.
Volume Slider
Adjusts the volume of the text-to-speech voices, from 0 to 100%
  Preview Button
  Allows you to preview a text-to-speech voice with the given settings.

Menu Items

Closes the Text-To-VoIP Plug-in
Voice Settings...
Opens the Voice Settings Dialog which allows you to adjust speed and volume of a text-to-speech voice.
Opens the pronunciation manager dialog. This allows you to create rules for how the text-to-speech engine says words.
  Repeat last phrase
  Repeats the last phrase or sentence that was spoken.
Information about this plug-in.
Launches your web browser to the page to purchase this plug-in. This item is only visible when running in trial mode.
Launches your web browser to a page for help on using this plug-in.
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