Introducing Voice Splicer Plug-In

The Voice Splicer is an optional plug-in to MorphVOX Pro that allows you to create story dialogue with multiple characters from a just a single audio file .   With access to the dozens of voices available in MorphVOX Pro, you can produce an elaborate audio drama in minutes.

After importing an audio file into the project, you can assign as many voice modifying events as you like using the simple track-view interface. The Voice Palette allows you assign any MorphVOX Voice to the project. The easy-to-use graphical tools makes lining the voice events with the audio a snap.    You can also playback the audio through your speakers to hear how the story unfolds with the new voices.

The Create Audio File feature lets you can export your fully rendered story complete with all the characters to an audio file. The Voice Splicer can create WAVE (*.WAV), OggVorbis (*.OGG), and Windows Media Format (*.WMA) files. This audio file can then be imported into your favorite audio or graphical editor to complete your multimedia project.

The Voice Splicer takes the work out of creating voice-overs. Add it to MorphVOX Pro to improve your productivity in creating stories or narrations.

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