User Interface Overview
  1. Time Display
  Displays the current playback location in hours, minutes, seconds and hundreths of seconds.
  2. Time Meter View
  Displays the time meter, showing the relative location of each of the voice and audio segments. It also shows the graphical selection start and stop locations (yellow flags).
3. Add Voice Event Button
Click on this button to add a voice event to the Voice Event View. This launches the Voice Palette which lets you pick a MorphVOX Voice/Alias to add at the graphical selection location.
4.  Voice Event View
Shows the collection of voice events in their relative time locations relative to the Audio Track View.

You have the options of adding or removing voice events. You can also resize or move the voice events horizontally along the track in order to position them properly relative to the audio. The voice event segment will display the image associated with the MorphVOX voice.

During playback, the audio track will be modified according to the voice selected in the voice event.
  5.  Change Audio Track  Button
  Click on this button to change the audio track in the Audio Track View.
  6.  Audio Track View
  Provides a graphical representation of the audio track. You can use this to line up the voice events according to specific locations in the audio.

You can zoom in or zoom out the view to get more detailed views of the audio and more accurate alignment of the voice events. The scrollbar allows you to move the track horizontally to expose audio and voice content hidden when zoomed in.

  7.  Volume Meter
  Graphical display of the audio output volume.
  8.  Audio Volume Slider
  Lets you control the audio output volume
  9.  Toggle Repeat Button
  Toggles repeat during playback. If the graphical selection is active, the playback of the dialogue will repeat between the start and stop positions of the selection.
  10. Play All Button
  Plays back the entire dialogue.
  11. Play From Selection Button
  Plays back the dialogue beginning with the start of the graphical selection. If the start and end selection differ in location, the playback will begin at the start of selection and stop at the end of selection. You can can also pause the playback.
  12. Stop Button
  Stops playback of the dialogue
  13. Go To Beginning Button
  Moves the selection to the beginning of the dialogue.
  14. Go To End Button
  Moves the selection to the end of the dialogue.
  15. Zoom Out Button
  Zooms out the view. You can also use the down mousewheel to produce the same effect.
  16. Zoom In Button
  Zooms in the view. You can also use the up mousewheel to produce the same effect.

Menu Items

  New Project
  Creates a new project. This will clear any existing voice events and the audio track.
  Open Project...
  Opens a project file.
  Save Project
  Saves the project.
  Save Project As...
  Saves the project to a specific file.
  Auto-load Last Project
  Toggles the preference to load the last project on start-up of the plug-in.
  Import Audio File...
  Import an audio file into the Audio Track View. The plug-in supports import of Wave (*.WAV), OggVorbis (*.OGG), Windows Media Format (*.WMA), and MP3 (*.MP3) audio files.
  Create Dialogue File...
  Creates an dialogue multimedia file from the voice events and audio track in your current project.
Closes the Voice Splicer Plug-in
Select All
Selects the entire timeline.
Add Voice Event...
Adds a voice event to the Voice Event View at the location of the graphical selection.
Voice Event Information...
Displays information about the selected voice event.
Remove Voice Event
Removes the selected voice event from the Voice Event View.
  Play All
  Play entire dialogue from start to finish.
  Play From Selection
  Play dialogue from the start of the graphical selection.
  Stop the dialogue playback.
  Toggles the repeat state of the playback.
  Go To Beginning
  Move selection to the beginning of the dialogue.
  Go To End
  Move selection to the end of the dialogue.
  Reset Zoom
  Resets the zoom factor to 1.0 (no zoom).
Information about this plug-in.
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