User Interface Overview
VST FX Manager
Available Effects List
This control contains a list of VST effects which are available to add to the workspace user interface.
  Effects Information
  Displays the VST effects name, vendor and version information.
Add Effect Button
Adds the selected effect from the Available Effects List to the VST Workspace.
Available Effects List
Contains the list of all VST effects that are available to the VST FX Manager. Each line in the list represents one VST effect. Each line also contains a "star" symbol which, when clicked, highlights green and adds the VST effect to the Favorites list.
  Show Favorites Button
  Toggles between the Favorites list and the full list of effects.
  Refresh List Button
  Refreshes the list of available effects. This is done automatically if you have the "Automatically detect changes in VST plug-in folder" option checked in the general preferences panel (see Customizing Settings

Master Volume Control
This control shows a visual indicator for the audio output volume. It also gives you control over the master audio gain as well as the master audio bypass.
  Audio Output Volume Meter
  Shows the real-time output volume graphically.
Master Bypass Button
Toggles the audio bypass for the entire VST pipeline.
Master Audio Gain Controls
The slider and numeric spinner control provide volume control from zero to 200% gain.

The VST Workspace
The Workspace is a panel that contains the active audio pipeline which is made of a chain of VST effects hooked end-to-end.
Workspace Panel
The dark center panel has the graphic representation of the audio pipeline or chain. This panel contains VST effects widgets which represent a single instance of a VST effect. It also contains connecting lines and arrows indicating the flow of audio in the pipeline.

By default, the workspace will contain the "MorphVOX DSP" effects widget.  This represents the instance of the MorphVOX Pro DSP engine.  This cannot be removed, though you can add VST effects above (in front) or below (behind) the "MorphVOX DSP" effects widget.

To add a new effect, simply select an effect in the Available Effects List and click on the "Add Effect" button.  This will add a new VST effects widget to the end of the chain on the workspace.  To remove an effect that is in the workspace, click on the Close Button ("x"  icon) on the VST effects widget.

You can also open the Graphics Editor by clicking on the Edit Button (wrench icon).   This opens up the graphical interface for the VST plug-in, allowing you to tweak the effect.  The Bypass Button toggles whether or not this effect will be bypassed from the audio pipeline.  A bypassed effect will have no influence over the audio pipeline.

The VST effects widget can be dragged around on the workspace (by grabbing the top of the widget with a mouse-down selection) for re-ordering of the audio pipeline or for visually organizing the workspace.

The Mix slider provides control over the mixture of the source audio signal to the effected audio signal.  When it is moved completely to the right, the audio output will contain only the effected audio signal.

The Gain slider provides control of the audio output volume from this effect.  The range of the control is from zero to 200% with default in the middle (100%).
Clear Workspace Button
  Removes all VST effecst from the list with the exception of the "MorphVOX DSP" module
  Selected Effect Information
This contains information on the VST effects widget that is selected in the workspace. It contains the name of the VST effect and the current program which has been selected.

Menu Items

  Launches a dialog that allows you to change the global settings of the Effects Rack.
Closes the Effects Rack Plug-in
Add New Effect
Add a new VST effect from the Available Effects List to the Workspace.
Graphics Editor...
Launches the graphics editor for the VST effect selected in the workspace.
  Launches the parameter editor for the VST effect selected in the workspace.
  Toggles the audio bypass state for the VST effect selected in the workspace.
  Effect Information...
  Provides information on the VST effect selected in the workspace.
  New Template...
  Launches the Create New Template dialog which allows you to create a new template from the current workspace.
  Template Manager...
  Launches the Template Manager which allows you to view, edit and remove templates.
Information about this plug-in.
  Check for latest version...
  Checks the website for the latest version of the product.
Launches your web browser to the page to purchase this plug-in. This item is only visible when running in trial mode.
Launches your web browser to a page for help on using this plug-in.
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