Introducing ScriptVOX Studio
ScriptVOX Studio is a software tool designed to bring stories and scripts to life . From movie scripts to documentaries to children's stories, ScriptVOX will provide a convenient way for a writer to dress-up text and quickly see and hear how their story unfolds with a multimedia presentation.

After importing or adding just plain text to the program, a storywriter can then associate additional media content with elements of the story. In this way, the storywriter can quickly "prototype" the story. By assigning unique voices to the text, the writer can hear how the various characters and narration sound. The writers can also conveniently story-board a script by associating various graphics with the characters and narration.

ScriptVOX Studio has the ability to assign Text-To-Speech (TTS) elements to text. ScriptVOX includes high quality voice-morphing; users now have the ability to digitally modify any of the built-in TTS. ScriptVOX also allows a user to add various effects to a voice such as radio, phone, echo, robot and more. The big gain with these capabilities is that a user can create many different character variations from a single TTS voice.

With the Voice Over feature, a writer can add voice recordings to the story. This greatly extends the audio capabilities of ScriptVOX by allowing a writer to add a live or pre-recorded voice to the script. Direct integration with MorphVOX Pro voice changer, provides the writer with the capability to record using dozens of different target voices using only a single source voice.

Writers can storyboard with ScriptVOX. Each textual element can now be associated with a graphic image. In a short amount of time, a writer can create a full storyboard of a script by adding pictures to a timeline. In this way, the writer can easily visualize the sequence of the story.

ScriptVOX allows the writer to preview the story. The different characters will speak in the voices which were assigned to them. This allows the writer to listen to the flow of the dialogue and make changes if needed. At the same time, the images in the storyboard will change to allow graphic visualization of the story.

In addition to previewing the story, a writer can render the story to audio and video formats. Currently ScriptVOX can produce Microsoft Wave (WAV), Ogg Vorbis (OGG) and Windows Media Format (WMA and WMV) content.
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