ScriptVOX Studio provides a way to add subtitles to your stories. This can be helpful for adding captions for the hearing impaired. It can be useful for providing educational feedback to early readers or for a foreign language audience.

The subtitle feature provides synchronized, bite-sized, easy-to-read sections of text in the graphic viewer and in the rendered output of the audio and video file. In addition, you can choose the background and text color for the subtitles.

To toggle subtitles, click on the "Project>Show Subtitle" menu item.

To customize the subtitles, click on the "Project>Project Settings.." menu item. This will open the "Project Settings" dialog:

Background Color: Choose the background color of the graphics display and video output.

Text Color: Choose the color of the subtitles

Overlay Video: Check this if you want the subtitle text to overlay the video. This is unchecked by default which shrinks the video to accommodate the subtitles without any text overlap.

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