Voice Again can be configured in many ways. This guide will give you a better understanding of how to customize your application.

  General Settings
  Audio Settings
  Hot Keys
  Foot Controller

These preferences control startup and graphic options.
General Preferences

Click on this checkbox to turn on and off tips. These appear on start up and provide useful hints on using Voice Again better
When Voice Again is opened it will load the last project that you opened or saved.
Always on top program:
Sets Voice Again program to be always in the foreground on the desktop.
Track Color Scheme:
Allows you to pick from a set the color schemes for the Track View.

These preferences control the some overall audio settings for Voice Again.
Audio Settings
Temporary audio files folder:
Choose the default folder for saving temporary audio files. Temporary files are used for improving playback performance and reducing project load time.
Delete temporary files on close:
Check this if you want to delete temporary files on close of the program. If you choose this option then project load will take significantly longer.
Use Smart Time feature by default:
Choose this option if you want to use the Smart Time feature as a default setting when importing new audio files.

  This panel provides you with a way of mapping keystrokes to commands for convenient navigation and control of Voice Again.
  Hot Key Preferences
System-Wide Key Capture
Allows Voice Again to receive key commands even if the program is running in the desktop background.
List of Command-Key Mapping:
Displays the list of active commands and associated hot keys.  Click the check mark next to the command to activate or deactivate the command.
New Key:
Allows you to add new command/hot key combinations to the list.
Set Key:
Allows you to set or change the hot key associated with a command in the list.
Delete Key:
Deletes a command/hot key item from the list.
Reset to Defaults:
Resets the list of commands/hot keys to their original state
  This panel allows you to configure plug-and-play foot controller devices to work with Voice Again.
  Foot Controller Preferences
Controller Labels:
Shows the plug-and-play device connected and available to Voice Again.  This will be gray if no device is available for the program.
Sets if the controller is "On" if the checkmark is checked or "Off" if the checkmark is unchecked.
Allows you to set which pedal on the controller should be associated with the rewind command.
Allows you to set which pedal on the controller should be associated with the play/stop command.
Fast Forward:
Allows you to set which pedal on the controller should be associated with the fast forward command
Pedal Lock:
Allows you tap the pedals once to start playback and tap the pedal again to stop playback.
Reset to Defaults:
Resets the foot controller settings to their original state
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