Upgrade to the Full Version of MorphVOX Mac
Features MorphVOX
Junior Mac
Background / Ambient Effects Background Effects
More Voice, Sound and Backgrounds Add-Ons
Maximum Quality Sound
Improved Voice Learning
Advanced Voice Effects - detuner, underwater, etc.
Hum Reduction (60 Hz)
Record your voice or create new voice-overs
Morph existing audio files
High-Quality built-in voice and sound effects
Best quality voice setting
10-band Equalizer with custom presets
Pitch and Timbre control
Import themed voice packs
Import high-impact sound effects
Create your own custom voices
Voice after effects - echo, reverb, chorus, etc.
Vocal tract effects - growl, harmonize, etc.
No advertisement banner in program
Quick Effects: Map any key to any effect
Custom key-mapping for in-game convenience
Superior voice changing technology
Broadcast sound effects during chat
Voice learning with the Voice Doctor
Built-in standard target voices
Built-in standard sound effects
Integrates with any game or chat program
Low bandwidth and CPU usage
Free $39.95
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