Working with Voice Presets

A Voice Alias is a way to store how your voice is morphed so the same settings can be used later.  This tutorial will take you step by step through the creation of a custom alias.

1. The best way to create an Alias is to start with an existing one. First, select an alias. In the example below it is "Hell Demon."

2. Turn duplex on so you can hear and test out your tweaking.

3. Move the Pitch, Timbre and Timbre Strength sliders so your voice comes out as desired.

4. Save these settings by selecting either the "Tools: Voice Customization: Update Voice"menu item to immediately save the changes or choose the "Tools: Custom Voice From Current Settings" menu item to create a new voice preset.

Another convenient way of saving changes to an alias is by clicking on the "Update Voice" button in the main window.

5. If you choose to create a new voice preset, an Voice Maker dialog wil appear after choosing that option. The first panel in the dialog introduces you to the Voice Maker. Click next.

6. The next panel lets you type in the name of the new voice and assigns a picture to appear when the alias is selected. Picture icons can be .png, .jpg or .gif. For optimal display quality it is best to use 128 X 128 pixel size images. An icon is not required.

7. The final settings panel records the alias phrase. This is the sound you hear when you press the play button next to the alias. If you don't like the suggested phrase you can make up your own.

8. You are done!

After the final panel your new alias will appear in the list under the "User" voice section. If for some reason you'd like to delete the custom voice, just right click on the voice name in the list and select "Delete Custom Voice". You can also click on the alias and from the "Tools" menu select "Delete Custom Voice".

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