File Morphing

MorphVOX can load in an existing audio file and apply the current voice alias to output a new "morphed" file. This is ideal for enhancing existing audio content or creating new voices.

MorphVOX can import Microsoft Wave (.wav), MP3 Format (.mp3), Ogg Vorbis (.ogg), and Audio Interchange File (.aif) files for conversion to .wav, .ogg, aif and aac files.

Morph a File Dialog Settings

Set Source

Press this button to set the existing audio file you would like to convert You can choose from the following file types to import a variety file types including: mp3, wav, aif, and aac.

Set Destination

Press this button to set the destination file for the conversion. You can choose from the following file types to convert to: .wav, ogg, and aif and aac.

Output Format

Choose a file format type to adjust the audio output quality.


The Play button appears after converting the file. Pressing "Play" will launch your default wave audio player and start playing the destination file so you can hear the final result.


Begin morphing the source file and writing out the destination file. The above progress meter shows the conversion progress. This button will change to Abort during conversion so you can stop the convert process before completion.

* If your get an error converting to a file you just played you will need to close the file in your player before you can write over it again.


Closes the dialog. If you have completed a conversion, the destination file will remain after closing this dialog.

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