Quick Effects
MorphVOX has the ability to assign a key, mouse or joystick button to any sound effect.  The following dialog can be found from the Tools menu "Quick Effects..."  item.

Quick Effects Dialog

Quick Effects Dialog

Generic Mappings

Listen Current: Maps a key that will play the currently selected sound effect on your speakers only.

Play Current: Maps the key that will play the current effect out to others.

Next: Maps the key that will change to the next sound effect.

Previous: Maps the key that will change to the previous sound effect.


On: Activates the current mapping so when the key is pressed the sound effect plays out to others.

Keys: Mapped key name.

Name: Name of the effect.

Change: Push the "set" button to assign a key to the effect.

* You can right click on a sound effect and select "Play Current Effect" to hear the effect.

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