Record Your Voice to a File
With MorphVOX you can record your voice to a file using the currently selected voice alias.

Voice Recording Dialog

Record File Dialog


Press this button to set the destination file for the recording.

File Format

Pick the format for the destination file. You can choose from aif, wav, ogg and aac formats.


The Play button appears after recording your voice. Pressing "Play" will launch your default wave audio player and start playing the destination file so you can hear the final result.


Press this button when you are ready to begin recording.  While recording this button will change to Stop. Press "Stop" to finish recording. The meters will show the volume of your voice from green to red. For best results keep the meters in the middle.

* If your get an error recording to a file you just played you will need to close the file in your player before you can write over it again.


Closes the dialog. If you have recorded to the destination file it will remain after closing the dialog.

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