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Fun with Sound Effects
MorphVOX can broadcast sound effects to any game or chat program. This guide walks you through the different controls on the Sound Effects Panel.

Sound Effects Controls
1. Sound Effect Name: Displays the name of the currently selected sound effect. You can click here to select from a list of most recently used sound effects.
2. Sound Effects List: Displays all the sound effects that have been loaded by MorphVOX. The titles next to the +/- nodes represent a group of sound effects. Each sound effect is listed with a name and a small speaker button that you can click to listen to a sample. Note: playing the sample in this control will not broadcast the sound during a game or chat. You can select a sound effect by clicking on the name.
3. Play Sound Effect: Broadcasts the selected sound effect from MorphVOX to a game or chat program.
4 Sound Effects Volume: Adjusts the volume of the played sound effect.
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