User Interface Overview - GiggleType
GiggleType Main View
The GiggleType works like any text chat client, with a window for entering a text message and a text output window. It also has a panel for picking the 'Giggle Type' filter.
Giggle Type
The "What is your Giggle Type" panel allows you to choose a filter which will convert your message to various humorous and random phrases. This will modify your message to sound like cow-speech, add offense language, remove offense words, or produce random gibberish.
Computer Voice
This has a list of the text-to-speech voices on your computer that you can use with GiggleType. To change the voice that is currently used by GiggleType, simply click on the drop-down list and select a different voice.
Text Output Window
This is a text window that shows the message that you have sent including the time-stamp when the message was sent.
Send Message Window
This has a text-box where you can enter a message to be sent.
Repeat: Pressing the repeat button will repeat the last message sent (if there was a previous message sent).
Send Message: If there is any message in the Send Message Window, then the message will be sent.

Menu Items
Custom settings dialog for GiggleType.
Closes GiggleTalk
Opens the Voice Settings Dialog which allows you to adjust speed and volume of a text-to-speech voice.
Opens the pronunciation manager dialog. This allows you to create rules for how the text-to-speech engine says words.
Repeat last phrase
Repeats the last phrase or sentence that was spoken.
Information about this program
Launches your web browser to the page to purchase GiggleType. This item is only visible when running in trial mode.
Check for Lastest Version...
Launches your web browser to the page to check if you have the latest version installed.
Launches your web browser to a page for help on using GiggleType.
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