MorphVOX Mac with the Google Talk Web browser plug-in

MorphVOX Mac Software can be used with the Google Talk Web browser plug-in. You easily intergrate MorphVOX Mac with some minor adjustments in Google Talk. Here"s how to set that up:

  1. Run MorphVOX
  2. In Gmail on the lower left click on the camera icon drop down next to your picture above your contacts:

    Gmail Image

  3. A popup menu with a "Chat Settings" option should appear click on "Chat Settings":

    Options Menu

  4. A settings page should appear on the browsers, Under "Voice and video chat" change the Microphone to "MorphVOX Audio":

    Gmail Image

  5. Click "Save Settings"

MorphVOX sound tips:

  1. Set the quality to highest by accessing MorphVOX/Preferences/Sound Settings.
  2. Reduce the microphone volume if you get distortion or feedback.
  3. Try other voice packs for more variety of voices.
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