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How to add voice talent to your projects 

Voice Overs Based your budget, there are a number of ways for adding voice overs to your audio and video productions.

The most obvious way of course is to hire actors for the voice overs.  There are a number of web sites that specialize in voice overs and can provide some of the highest quality content for a premium.  If you have the money, this method will provide you with the best quality for your voice overs.  However, if you have a many actor parts for a story or a script, this may break the bank.

An economical alternative to hiring actors is to do all the voice overs in a story yourself.  As the writer of the script or story, you understand the dialogue flow and can be best at fleshing out the personalities of the different characters and determining the voice overs for the various actors.  However, you may not have to best voice for the part and may not have the talent to pull-off the voice overs.  

Voice modification software, such as MorphVOX Pro , can be a useful and inexpensive way of extending the range of your voice.  In many cases, this software can take a single voice over talent and mutliply the possible types of voice overs available for the story. 

You may even use a hybrid method for the voice overs such as hiring a male actor to do all the male parts and a female actor to do the female parts.  If you record the voice overs with MorphVOX, you can render dozens of high-quality character voices from just two actors.

A final alternative for creating voices overs is to use text-to-speech voices.  This method would be the most inexpensive in terms of time, effort and money.  Software such as ScriptVOX Studio allows you to create voice overs from a text-to-speech engine.  In addition, it provides a way of recording live voice-overs directly from MorphVOX, giving you extraordinary amount of flexibility for bringing your story to life with a multimedia presentation. 

The choice of how to add voice overs is up to you with regards to budget and time.  From hiring a full team of actors to using software that can create all the voice overs, you have so many options available to you for creating voice overs for your multimedia projects.
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