MorphVOX can be used with online games like There.  A basic membership to There is free. But to use the voice features of There, you must upgrade to a Premium Membership (one time fee of $9.95).

There uses the system default microphone for audio input. If you have installed MorphVOX with the default settings, the Screaming Bee Audio driver used by MorphVOX will already be set for use in There.

If you have not set the Screaming Bee microphone as your default please click here for instructions on setting the driver before running There.

To test if your microphone is hooked up correctly do the following:

  1. Run MorphVOX.
  2. Start There
  3. Activate the Voice Action Bar (see below).
  4. Make sure that voice button is activated (it should say "Turn Voice Off").
  5. Run the Voice Trainer to adjust sound levels properly.
  6. Talk into the microphone, make sure that sound wave graphics are being displayed over your characters head.

    If the your voice is faint then you might want to click on boost microphone gain. 

    There Voice Action Bar: Settings
    To access the voice action bar in There:

    1. click on the People->Action Bar menu.
    2. click on the "Voice" button which should bring up the following options:
    You can choose from the following options:

    1. Turn Hands-Free Off: This lets you choose between voice-activated (Hands-Free: the current setting) or key-activated mode.  For performance improvement you may want to turn of Hand-Free Off.
    2. Talk: This is the key to press when you want to talk using key-activated mode.
    3. Turn Voice Off: Turns off voice chat. Click this button again to turn it back on.
    4. Voice Trainer: Launches the Voice Trainer to optimize the volume levels for the game.

    Game play tips:

    1. Assign a push-to-talk key in MorphVOX that is the same as the one assigned in ThereClick here to learn more about assigning keys.
    2. Create custom sound effects and assign Quick Effects to broadcast sounds.
    3. Change your voice with Quick Voices.
    4. If you have a slower machine drop you Morphing quality.  To learn more click here.
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