You can easily use MorphVOX voice changer in Second Life with some minor adjustments in the System Settings. There are two ways to setup MorphVOX:

1. System Default Recording Device

Second Life can use the system default microphone for audio input device. If you have not set the driver as your default please click here for instructions on setting the driver before running Second Life.

2. Second Life Voice Client Audio Input Device

In the Second Life Voice Client, you can specifcally set the Screaming Bee Audio Driver as the input device.  To do that go to the following menu in the client: "Preferences / Voice Chat".   From the "Input Device" list select "Screaming Bee Audio Driver"


Activating Voice Chat in Second Life

Once you have set the Screaming Bee Audio Driver as your input device, you can activate voice chat in the client.  Simply check the "Enable Voice Chat" checkbox.  You also have a choice of using the Push-To-Talk mode that lets you control when your voice is being transmitted with a trigger key or button.  To use this feature check the "Use Push-To-Talk Mode" checkbox and choose a trigger.

Integration Tips

  • Make sure to include the Second Life Voice Client to your "allowed programs" in your firewall.  If you don't do this, voice chat may fail without warning.
  • If the Second Life client doesn't respond to the changes you make when specifying the input device, try restarting the Second Life client.
  • You will get a white dot over your avatar's head if voice chat is enabled properly.


To test if your microphone is hooked up correctly do the following:

  1. Run MorphVOX.
  2. Start the Second Life Voice Client and log in.

You should get green volume bars appearing over your avatar's head when you talk. If you don't get any response in the volume bars, make sure that your microphone is unmuted and has adequate volume.

    If the your voice is faint then you might want to click on boost microphone gain.  If the volume bars turn red, then lower your microphone volume or move the microphone further away from your mouth.

    MorphVOX sound tips:

    1. Set the quality to medium-low or medium high by accessing from the MorphVOX menu Preferences/Sound Settings.  If you have problems with video/audio performance, try the medium-low quality setting. 
    2. Reduce the microphone volume if you get distortion or feedback.
    3. Try other voice packs for more variety of voices, click here.
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