MorphVOX Pro has a clean and simple user interface. Reduced clutter and intuitively placed controls make it easy-to-use. The full view appears by default when you first start up the application. It has a number of useful features:
Full Screen View

Panel Selection

  1. Voices:  changes the center panel to display voices that can be selected.
  2. Tweak:  changes the center panel to allow for tweaking of the current voice.
  3. Voice Effects:  changes the center panel to show all the voice effects you can apply to current voice.
  4. Sound Effects:  changes the center panel to show all the sound effects that you can send out using MorphVOX.
  5. Backgrounds:  changes the center panel to show all the background sounds that you can use to pretend you are talking from.
  6. Plugins:  changes the center panel to show all the plugin features you can add to MorphVOX.
  7. Voice Compare:  changes the center panel to a tool to help you change your voice to be closer to another voice.
  8. Key Mapping:  changes the center panel to map a key to a sound effect/voice and other features of MorphVOX.
  9. Microphone:  changes the center panel to all the settings to adjust your microphone and speakers.
  10. More:  A menu for some lesser used functions and features.
  11. Help:  Launches your browser to visit more help on our website.

Center Panel

The center panel is used to display and change settings for the below items

  2. TWEAK

MorphVOX Controls

  1. Alias Picture:  displays the image associated with the currently selected voice alias. You can click on this picture to hear a sample sound from the voice alias.
  2. Listen Button:    lets you hear yourself talking. You should be able to hear yourself when the green light on the button is bright.
  3. Morph Button:   turns morphing on and off. The morphing feature will be on when the green light on the button is bright.
  4. Mute Button:   mutes the microphone.

Menu Items (More..)

Launches the preference dialog.This gives you access to MorphVOX's advanced settings which include graphics and sound customizations.  For more information click here
Opens the Morph a File dialog. This lets you morph the audio contents of a sound file.  For more information click here.
Opens a dialog to let your morph your voice to a file.  For more Information click here.
  Opens the backup settings dialog. This provides a way for you to conveniently back up all custom voices and settings for MorphVOX.
  Opens the restore settings dialog. This provides a way for you to restore saved custom voices and settings.
Shuts down MorphVOX.
Morph On
Turns MorphVOX sound on or off. A check mark will be present when the sound is on.
Lets you hear your voice if the check mark is present.
Mute Microphone
Mutes microphone if check mark is present.
Toggles push-to-talk feature on and off. This lets you trigger morphing explicitly by pressing a key or button.
  Default System Microphone
Toggles between the Screaming Bee Audio Virtual Driver and the Sound Card as the computer's audio system input source.
  Installed Plug-ins
  Allows you to choose from a list of premium MorphVOX Pro plug-ins
Run Voice Doctor...
Launches the Voice Doctor Wizard. To learn about the Voice Doctor click here.
Configure to your voice
Runs a single voice training session with the currently selected alias.
Reset All Learning
Erases all voice training information.
Reset Learning
Erases voice training information from the currently selected alias.
  New Voice Profile...
  Lets you create a new voice learning profile using the Voice Doctor.
  Set Voice Profile
  Allows you to choose a voice learning profile from a menu list.
  Remove Voice Profile
  Allows you to delete a voice learning profile from a menu list.
Voice Alias
New Alias from Current Settings...
Launches the Alias Wizard. To learn more about creating new voices click here.
  Update Alias
  Lets you update/save changes to a voice alias.
Edit Current Alias
Opens dialog to edit current alias settings.
Delete Alias from User List
Deletes the currently selected alias from the Alias List.
Custom Sound Effects...
Launches the Custom Sound Effects Wizard. This lets you add your own sound effects to MorphVOX. To learn how to add your own sound effects click here.
Custom Backgrounds...
Launches the Custom Backgrounds dialog. Add your own ambient backgrounds to MorphVOX.
Opens the Alarms dialog. Set audio alarms and notifications. To learn more about setting up alarms click here.
Quick Effects...
Opens the Quick Effects dialog. This lets you map keys to trigger specific sound effects. To learn about Quick Effects click here.
Quick Voices...
Opens the Quick Voices dialog. This lets you map keys to trigger specific aliases. To learn about Quick Voices click here.
Launches the About Box.
Lets you purchase MorphVOX online.
Check for new version...
Launches a browser to the update page.
Screaming Bee Home Page...
Launches a browser to the Screaming Bee home page.
Get new voice packs...
Launches a browser to the voice pack page.
Get new sound effects...
Launches a browser to the sound effects page.
Launches a browser to the skins page.
MorphVOX FAQ...
Launches a browser to the FAQ page.
Launches a browser to the Voice Clinic page.  This lets you set up an appointment for optimizing your voice with MorphVOX.
Customer Support...
Send a message to the Support Team for assistance.
Find Voice Print...
Locates your learning voice print.
Launches a browser to the online help page.

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